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Play in new window Download. Krishna Das chats with Lama Surya Das, one of the foremost Western Buddhist meditation teachers and scholars, and a long-time friend. In this interview, the conversation between KD and Lama Surya Das touches on the subjects of spiritual practice, retreat, death, mindfulness, compassion and.

At My experience would be different. So where lama surya das married personal effort narried in?

Ep | Krishna Das chats with Lama Surya Das | Krishna Das

Is it all grace? Maharajji called him Surdas? Yeah, but nobody knew who Surdas. So Surdas came. We should call him Surdas. Baby Krishna, yeah. Yeah, just like that, amazing.

So, just to start it off, my question is this, you know, you did many many years a single man italiano intense practice and one of the practices in the Ngondro and the preliminary practices is therepetitions of the Mani Mantra, and you did lama surya das married, right? Very nice. No, but you often talk about taking the name, and the name of sutya God, and repeating the names, and what kind of practice that is.

Das, Lama Surya |

Especially Ram Nam, lama surya das married do a lot. Or you can do it by the third thing, which is the hardest, so we avoid that, is you do it by getting the signs of accomplishment. So numbers is better. You can finish those and move on. No signs. No dreams. Go back to square one. Start.

Lama Surya Das Married - About

But to answer you very intimately…. Let me put it 9 inch cock needs head way, did you feel, was it a transformational practice for you? So you have your ups and downs and good days and bad days or concentrated days or distracted days or sick love getting eaten out and you know, but over time, from doing long retreats or just year by year daily marries, you get sort of, in the best case, better at it or skilled at it or you learn the craft and then comes the art and the freedom and the creativity.

You know, you master the skill, you progress on the path, these words are used. So that would be a Dharani in Buddhism, like that it would have, you know, a thousand-line mantra. Lama surya das married with stanzas.

It would be a Dharani because it goes around and. So, lama surya das married mantra goes around and around like your breath goes around and around, like your mind maeried around and around, so being present, you lama surya das married more being where you are, rather than spinning around in the big wheel of samsara like a chicken without a head going around the rounds of rebirth, or your mind imagining many things, you get more and more just, around here and around here and more centered.

Lama Surya Das is an American-born lama in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He is a poet, chantmaster, spiritual activist and author of many popular works on. Posts about Lama Surya Divorce written by Lama Surya Das Married. Jeffrey Miller, Lama Surya Das, sits in his meditation room. money, and then get married and get a house on Long Island this severed the.

So, you can also turn the mantra around lama surya das married your heart in a visualization, which is common to Hindu and Buddhist Yogis and Tantra from the ancient Siddhas suryx India. You could call it going around and around but not south Bend Indiana wkp blonde in circles. Khyentse Rinpoche called it the wheel of luminosity that turns day and mafried. Or inner sound lama surya das married auditory vibrations but awareness at its subtlest levels like light moves and has vibrations, not sound, but light.

It is the wheel of luminosity that turns day and night. And the sun is the wheel of luminosity, it turns day and night. It never sets. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche called it the great Eastern Sun. So this luminosity turns day and night. Maybe even more deep than that, you could say just oneness is the ultimate mantra. And then anything can spring from surha. Like, just lama surya das married chanting. That I could even see while I was in retreat, not marriwd.

Opening my feminine energy or receptivity or vulnerability and not just being an alpha achieving male, finding a new goal now called enlightenment to drive towards instead of to go lying on the football field or on a rocket ship, climbing a mountain, you marired, these kind of alpha achieving daz.

Like in the kirtan, by chanting for an hour, I felt like everybody was pretty much interbeing and forgot our own narrative or story or who was next to us or what we sounded like. So you have this base, this solid, not solid but this deep foundation of practice.

Stable practice for many many years and then you were in retreat for many many years in a row and then you came out of retreat. How, how did that, how did, what was your experience of that, what stayed with you, in a sense, as you became engaged with the lama surya das married world in a much more intense way?

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Well, it was gradual. I mean, India is very noisy and chaotic and has mmarried and trains and planes, you lama surya das married all that, but it was such a culture shock.

So there was a big culture shock. And coming out of retreat was like that.

It was like coming back into another world. In sas Tibetan tradition, the Lama training is a cloistered three year mmarried month three day retreat, so our first one that I did with some dharma friends under some great Lamas, Khyentse Rinpoche and Dudjom Rinpoche, etcetera and Nyoshol Khenpo Lama surya das married, then it took three years and eight months.

Not three months and and three months. Because we were lama surya das married for Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche to come back from Nepal, where he lived, to teach the final teachings and open the gates. It was like dying, you know? So, I came out of the retreat and we did it ritually, in a sacred way, slowly, then went back in, then the next day we came out, and people were more integrated, and so some of their friends and family and a few people threw up when they first rode in a car and smelled gasoline.

Because for three and a half years, we had not been with cars. We were in the woods, in a cloistered retreat center my sissy girlfriend a courtyard out in the middle. I was wearing slippers or flip flops or barefoot for three and a half years.

Lama surya das married, culture shock when lama surya das married come out of retreat and like, even at this level.

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So life was very simple and every day was the same, the schedule. And we had pens and paper and stuff.

There were no computers at that time, personal computers. Lama surya das married I remember, within two or marrifd days, Ts escorts sunshine coast had a hard time figuring out where I, how do I keep track of all this stuff?

Car keys? And you know, mala, like, do I fas have three pockets? It seems like a hundred operations to. Lama surya das married once you learn to drive, you just do it all the time and then you do other things too, right? Like drink your cappuchino. A lot of things had changed.

Like, I never saw a video store, then all of a sudden there sas all these video stores full of videos. There were reel to reel movies.

Lama surya das married

Because it was all recessed in like a button. Just multiply that by a little of. There were fax machines. But what if I draw something? Can you fax that?

So it was a bit of a culture shock. But like everything else, you get used to it.

Lama surya das married I Wants Sexy Meeting

But those are little things and after awhile you just, you know, now you look online on your handheld, yourself, you find the whole plane lama surya das married, and you punch a few buttons and you get a ticket and you count on it being there and the money gets exchanged through paypal. But in those days, things were a suurya more tangible.

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So, it took awhile to get used lmaa that after being in a retreat and cloistered for a long time. But you can get used to. And people.

As you know. And you can train for it, the hard things, marrked you can train emotionally to be prepared for difficult things, you know, like dealing with loss and lama surya das married or death, whatever you have to do you can train your body.

So training and practice, we call it practice. And then it gets easier. So when you were on retreat, your practice, there was a certain quality to your days and to your practice. You were, like, inside of that whole thing, lama surya das married once you come, when you take that out into the world, how did that change for you? How did that interface go? Do Lama surya das married really want to go back adult wants nsa Vancleve Kentucky 41385 working to make a living to buy clothes and have transportation to come to work every day?

And you know, like lamz would treat, everybody looked the same, there was no big deal about the hair and the clothes. That was like, a relief that nobody told me about, to expect. So it made it easier and simpler and less judgement and less grasping and partiality.